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The Global Trivium Community is for everyone who enjoys quizzes, trivia and games in a fun and pleasant atmosphere. No invitation is necessary and no special software is required to play scheduled hosted quizzes that test both your knowledge and typing ability.
Different hosts run quizzes with varying degrees of difficulty.

The Globe is the free community e-newsletter, published 4 times a year it contains news, regular features, details about quizzes and competitions, keeping you in the picture with what's going on. Don't be left in the dark and make sure you get a copy.

Quiz Schedules

Scheduled hosted quizzes are run by volunteers. Scheduled times enable several quizzes from each host...though you may also find quizzes being run outside of hours.

The difficulty of quizzes; number of questions; format; and preference for British or American English, may vary depending on the host.

The current schedule includes quizzes on general knowledge, music, movies, words, geography, science, arts & literature and much more.

The current schedule which gives details about quiz, times, hosts, and topics can be found on the Calendar.

Don't miss out on all the fun! Hope to see you soon.

At the moment quizzes are played in a g-rated (family friendly) AOL/AIM Chat Room. Please read the room guidelines before joining us for the first time, thanks.

The Globe Newsletter

The Globe is a free quarterly e-newsletter that keeps you in touch with what's going on.

It provides the latest hot news, details about games and competitions, regular features and let's you know what's been happening and what's in the pipeline

To get The Globe, click here: Send Newsletter and just send the blank email that opens.

All emails received should receive a copy of The Globe within a month. Your email address will not be visible or supplied to anyone else and we will not use it for any other purpose.

If you want to stop receiving The Globe just click here to stop and send, though do let us know why.

If your email address is deleted or does not receive email (even temporarily), your address may be removed from the list and you will have to reapply.