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Gallery Update

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Gallery Update

Post  GTC1 on Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:37 am

Here's just a quick update on our new site Gallery, now several months old.

Our pets corner continues to grow, thank you all to those who have uploaded a picture to share with others. Some very handsome pets there.
And dont miss out on the picture of the mountain lion too!
(Our recommended size for uploads is currently no more than 600x600 pixels and no more than 100kb).

4 new picture quizzes have recently been added to the gallery, ice hockey team badges; flowers; and more racing circuits and flags (hope you like them).

Not one picture poser was solved for November so they are carried forward into December to accompany the dogs, buildings and other sports ones which still await completion.

And as no correct answers were received for the Mystery Creature Prize Competition, a new picture has been added for this month (click on the picture to view the comments and the new picture).

If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments about the Gallery do get in touch.
Forum Staff

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