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Forum Glossary

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Forum Glossary

Post  GTC1 on Wed Jul 18, 2007 11:15 am

Here's a glossary for the board:

- Avatar : Personal image which is shown below the username in posts. Change yours from your profile.

- Category : A group of forums (sections). For example - News, Community Games, General etc. They can't contain topics directly.

- Forum
Either: A section which contains topics/threads. For example - Site News, Alphabet Soup, Animal Crackers.
Or: This the whole board (this web site)

- Guest : User who's not logged in to the board.

- Hidden user : Registered user who chose to hide his online status. It can be done by ticking "Yes" to "Hide your online status" when you edit your profile. Administrators and moderators can see them.

Forum Staff : Various volunteers have different levels of access to the board. Levels of access include creating/organizing categories and sections, setting up permissions, changing the board's design, managing users and sections of the site. For this, forum staff have tools members don't have, such as moving, locking, unlocking, deleting, splitting, merging topics, editing or deleting posts, and restricting access to the site.

- Post : Part of a topic which contains what a member wrote. It also contains the avatar and the informative links about the same member. It is a synonym of "message"

- Private message : As the name means, it's a message you send to a single member who will be the only one to read it. Also called a PM.

- Topic : A series of posts. Also called "thread".

If you can think of any other words please post them below. This post will be updated if there are words to be added.
Forum Staff

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